Damage to your property caused by flooding can take many forms and is often dependent upon how the flooding has occurred. The remedial requirements to rectify damage are dependant upon the type of water damage which your property has succumbed to. At Dewsbury Developments we will always begin by assessing the water and flood damage, ascertaining the source of the flood, in order to ensure the services we provide are the appropriate and correct methods to restore your property to its previous state.
Dewsbury Developments have staff with over 20 years experience and has extensive expertise in dealing with Water and Flood Damage in both Commercial and Domestic Properties.

Drying Out
Even after water levels have declined much dampness still exists in properties after flooding has occurred, much of it is retained in structural elements and generally unseen areas such as brick work, wooden timbers and floor boards. This dampness leaves dangerous electrical wiring, promotes fungal growth, rot and unwanted odours, therefore the property needs to be completely dried before redial work begins to ensure a safe environment and to avoid the re-occurrence of problems once the property has been make good.
Leaving a building to dry naturally can take up to several weeks, with Dewsbury Development s specialist equipment this time scale can be reduced to a number of days depending on the size of building in question.

Sanitisation & De-Odourising
In the event that contamination has occurred due to flooding from damaged sewage systems or river overflows it is highly recommended that material is sanitised prior to removal. The sanitisation process ensures a clean and uncontaminated environment that allows all further work to be carried out safely. Undertaking any remedial work prior to sanitisation can lead to problems re-occurring at a later date and has the potential to cause additional damage.
Many of the problems caused by water damage to buildings also cause unwanted odours, the smell of damp, fungal growth, rot and contamination are unpleasant, and potentially difficult to remove whilst also acting as a constant reminder of the stress and difficulties endured.
Using organic peroxides which chemically eliminate the odours before turning into water, leaving no harmful residue, Dewsbury Developments are able to leave your property smelling fresh and free from unwanted odours and memories. Undertaking this task prior to any repair or redecoration ensures that no unwanted smells are trapped under paint work or plastering.
Dewsbury Developments are IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) and PASMA (Prefabricated Access Suppliers' & Manufactures' Association) carded allowing us to undertake 'High Level' and 'Difficult To Reach' sanitisation and de-ordourising work in safe and controlled manner.

Remedial Work & Fit Out
Once the water and flood damage has been dealt with the process of 'making good' can begin. Dewsbury Developments provide a complete of trades to bring your property back to its full state of repair. Our team of engineers have high levels of experience and are fully trained in their respective trades to provide you with certified Electricians, Gas Fitters, Plasterers and Joiners amongst others to ensure the work is carried out to the highest standard.
Where required any Electrical and Gas work undertaken can be issued with the required Landlord's Certificates such as Gas Safe Certification and Periodic Electrical Testing certificates by our engineers.
As part of the remedial works internal fixtures and fittings can be installed allowing for a fully functioning building to be occupied once again. Dewsbury Developments undertake the installation of new kitchens, bathrooms and flooring including all plumbing, electrical and gas requirements which are needed.
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